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March on Raleigh plans to give voice to thousands of women

WRAL-TV, Tuesday, Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Women’s march on Raleigh planned

WNCN-TV, Friday, January 13, 2017



For Immediate Release

Triangle Women Planning Rally & March On Raleigh for Jan. 21st

Hundreds Expected to Protest Politics of Division

Raleigh, N.C. – A multiracial, multireligious, and multigenerational grassroots group of women are planning a Women’s March on Raleigh (WMOR). It is a solidarity event with the Women’s March on Washington, also taking place January 21st, 2017.

Dozens of women and allies have been planning the march from the basement of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church for the past several weeks. Reverend Michelle Laws of the NAACP is a confirmed speaker, as well as MaryBe McMillan of the NC AFL-CIO and Sarah Preston of Lillian’s List.

“I broke down sobbing on election night because I was worried about my mother who wears hijab, about my community, communities of color, as well working class communities who have been targeted by President-elect Trump.” said Salma Mirza, a queer Muslim UNC-Chapel Hill graduate who is a leader with Durham for All, Muslims for Social Justice, and Stop the Carolina Coup. She is also a core organizer for the WMOR. “I learned from fighting the legislative coup in North Carolina that I could not afford to fall into despair. We mobilized thousands of people, and we are making a difference. Justice may be slow, but it is worth the fight.”

“Women have always been on the front lines of mobilizing people for social justice, especially here in North Carolina,” explains Carly Jones, a principal organizer of the WMOR. “Anyone not connected to organizations fighting for women's rights, civil rights, and true democracy will want to get involved after attending this event.” Jones is a NC native, arts advocate and community organizer based in Raleigh.

“This is just the beginning,” agrees Anna Grant, a native of Chapel Hill and Outreach Director for Carolina Jews for Justice, and also a central figure in organizing the WMOR.“You will see us again, and again - at the ballot box and in the streets.”

The NC capital has been the frontline of protests and national news following the Republican-led legislature’s voter suppression efforts, attacks on education, tracking of women’s personal medical records, and refusal to expand Medicaid benefits sorely needed by single mothers. North Carolina has also gained national attention for the passage of HB2, which prevents municipalities from enacting local anti-discrimination measures or increasing their minimum wage. The recent mass outcry against the legislative power grab also made national headlines, including the NAACP's Reverend William Barber warning that the NC General Assembly  is “trying to raise a New Confederacy.”

“We just witnessed a campaign in which sexism, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia and other ugly forces were used as tools to divide us but we will not be divided. We will stand together in love and solidarity as dignified, deserving human beings no matter our race, gender or religious preference," says Nancy Petty, Pullen Memorial Baptist Church’s Pastor. Gailya Paliga, President of NC NOW, and movement organizer adds, “Those tactics put people and policies in charge that will hurt every single one of us.  It is natural that North Carolina’s women and allies will lead the resistance here.”

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