Our Mission



As the Raleigh, NC mobilization, we assert:

- The theme for our march is "Women Mobilize NC." This is just the beginning of a fight for our lives. Those who are not connected to organizations fighting for women's rights, gender justice and all aspects of a true democracy should be after attending this event. You will see us again and again, in the streets and at the ballot box!

- North Carolina has been on the front lines of the struggle for democracy and progress. But our state legislature is trying to raise a #NewConfederacy.

Racism is the cornerstone of the strategy to implement minority rule to the detriment of all. We seek to lift up the leadership of women and trans people of color.

- North Carolina's women and allies will lead a loving, beautiful and creative resistance to the backwards policies proposed by the incoming administration.

We represent the #SilencedMajority. We're seeing the results of a decades-long Right-wing coup (vote suppression, racist gerrymandering, Citizens United, mass incarceration) to institute permanent minority rule and to silence the rising progressive majority of this country - people who want the rich to pay their fair share, who want well-funded public services and affordable higher education, who want to address climate change so the planet has a future, people who know that racism and sexism are destructive social ills that we can eliminate by working together - in short, people who want to move forward, not back. We are the #NoisyMajority! And we will not be silent.

- We just witnessed a campaign in which racism, class oppression, sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia, and other ugly forces were used as tools to divide us. Ultimately this allows policies to be passed that will hurt every single one of us. We stand together as women for a fair society, knowing that a blow to one is a blow to all.

- Women do not and will not just lead on "women's issues." As organized women, we are leading and will lead in every area of the movement and of society.

- We've seen this before. As women leaders and our allies always have, we will resist and oppose injustice and violence even at risk to ourselves. There is a very real danger, but we are not afraid.