Next Steps for WMOR

Dear Women’s Marchers:

It has been two weeks since our historic Women’s March on Raleigh and we have promises to keep. In that time, President Trump has sought to overwhelm, terrify, discourage, disrupt and harm us - our lives and our communities - through discriminatory executive orders and ominous cabinet and Supreme Court nominations. We will act now: we are ready to be the light in the darkness, even if we have to be lightning to do it.

January 21st was just the beginning of what must be a persistent resistance movement. Over 20,000 North Carolinians descended on downtown Raleigh, determined to show the country that we are the rising #NoisyMajority.

In our march’s Mission Statement, we promised: “Those who are not connected to organizations fighting for...all aspects of a true democracy should be after attending this event. You will see us again and again, in the streets and at the ballot box!”

It is time to be seen. Here’s what you need to do.

First, follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@WomensMarchNC) and tell your friends to follow us too. The progressive majority can affect North Carolina in an electrifying and big way - you will hear from us when it’s time to strike like lightning.

Second, choose at least one noisy majority, progressive North Carolina organization, and get involved! What can you do? Give your time and money, and follow their calls to action! Links to them are at the bottom of this post.

Third, visit Carolina Resistance, recently launched by Progress NC, and SIGN UP!

Hang in there…

Fourth, keep going. Once you have connected with a North Carolina organization, think bigger, stay inspired. Here are National Resources for Action:

That was a lot of information. A lot needs to be done to win. We love you and are with you in the fight for women's rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrants' rights, the safety of Black and Muslim communities, repealing HB2 and ensuring voting rights. Onward!

WE WILL SEE YOU ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH FOR THE BIGGEST, BOLDEST HKONJ (HISTORIC THOUSANDS ON JONES ST.) IN HISTORY! Come march behind the Women’s March on Raleigh banner - RSVP HERE to march with us there!

To Being the Noisy and Effective Majority!

The Women’s March on Raleigh Organizers


NORTH CAROLINA-BASED ORGANIZATIONS brought to you by some of our sponsors and speakers - You can join! You can sign up for alerts! You can donate!

*Organizations marked with an asterisk are LED by and for people of color, with a particular focus on racial justice

Fighting for Democracy and Our Interests (multi-issue):

Democracy NC

Durham For All*

Durham People’s Alliance

League of Women Voters

Progress NC

Together We Will North Carolina

You Can Vote


Women’s Rights, Women’s Power:

Lillian’s List


NC National Organization for Women (NOW)

NC Women United


Women NC


Worker’s Rights:


RAISE UP: Fight For $15 Southern Workers’ Organizing Committee


Reproductive Justice and Health:

Carolina Abortion Fund

NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic

Sister Song*


Public Education:

Public Schools First NC


LGBTQ Rights:

Equality NC

LGBT Center of Raleigh

SONG - Southerners On New Ground*


Immigrants’ Rights:

El Pueblo*

Si a Las Licencias NC*


Cultural Organizing and Community-Building:



Protecting and organizing the Muslim Community:

Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia (MERI)*

Wednesday Women


Multi-issue, Jewish Community and Values:

Carolina Jews for Justice



Clean Water for North Carolina


Anti-violence, gun sense and safety:

Moms Demand Action


Separation of Church and State:

Orange Durham Americans United



Raging Grannies

Women's International League for Peace & Freedom

Resource Center for Women & Ministry in the South