Post-March Letter!

Dear North Carolina,

WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Here's our first (but not last) post-march letter to you:

Marchers in Raleigh were fierce and unapologetic with our message, and deeply kind to one another. We were united as we chanted about fighting for women's rights, immigrants' rights, the safety of Black and Muslim communities, repealing HB2 and ensuring voting rights for all North Carolinians. Twenty-thousand people stood shoulder to shoulder, determined to be counted as part of the progressive majority. Transit workers and store owners were good-natured about the temporary disruption, and clearly moved by the beauty and power of this demonstration.

We made our turnout estimate based on the general rule for Facebook events - half the people who say they are "going," actually turn up. That's why we predicted 5K-7K. Clearly we are in an unusual, "movement moment," in which record numbers of people feel moved to be counted as part of the #NoisyMajority, defenders of women's rights and human rights. Nobody predicted just how enormous the support would be here and around the world, but it clearly shows that the people are prepared to fight for what we most deeply value.

This march was planned and executed by a multi-generational, multi-racial group of women with ties to an incredible diversity of organizations in our state. We are not moving to form a new organization in this moment. We are committed to lifting up the work of existing organizations in North Carolina and to building the movement to take back our state and take back our country.

Thousands of people pledged to take SUSTAINED action, between the days of massive marches. We ask everyone to Take the Pledge to Mobilize NC. Everyone who takes the pledge will receive an email with information on NC-based progressive organizations, and tips for how to get involved in activism. We ask that everyone take initiative to get involved, and step into the leadership they were born for in this historic moment in which everything is at stake.

Historic Thousands on Jones St. (HKonJ), the annual #MoralMarch in Raleigh led by Forward Together NAACP, will take place on Feb. 11th this year we encourage everyone to attend.

We are profoundly inspired and fired up by the historic worldwide mobilizations in opposition to oppression, and in favor of a pro-woman, pro-human, pro-planet agenda. We are the #NoisyMajority and we believe that we will win. Saturday's march was our first action, but it will not be our last. Please continue to check our webpage and social media pages for updates!