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Ana PArdo

Ana Pardo is the campaign and communications planner for the Workers’ Rights Project of the North Carolina Justice Center. Prior to joining the Justice Center, Ana coordinated policy and public education campaigns at Toxic Free North Carolina on subjects ranging from federal toxics reform to farmworkers' rights.

Ana has been organizing, advocating and fundraising for numerous environmental and social justice causes in Raleigh for nearly two decades. She served on the Raleigh Citizens' Advisory Council for six years, during which she was elected Council's youngest and first-ever Latina chair.

"These are fascinating and terrifying times. The people chipping away at the hallmarks of progress see our collective power, and they are trying to crush it by making life ever harder for us. As women, many of us are just waking up to how short-changed we've been. Now we are figuring out how to rise together, learning from the experiences and mistakes of our mothers and grandmothers before us to demand justice for one another and for the things we deserve, both at work and in the wider world. There's no putting the cat back in the bag. We're just getting started."